Green Tea Cleansing Mask


New product! A deep cleansing green clay and zeolite treatment mask with superior drawing action suitable for acne and large skin pores, especially for those who use make-up frequently. Green tea (matcha), manuka honey and lavender provide antibacterial, antioxidant  and hydrating properties. Vitamin B5, rosehip and aloe vera promote skin repair and geranium essential oil works to balance oil production. Mix with filtered water or Rosewater & Aloe Refining Mist to make a smooth paste and apply mask, leaving to dry for around 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. Use as needed, up to twice weekly. Contains 10 treatments. Mixing tin is available.

Ingredients: Bentonite; kaolin; zeolite; manuka honey, matcha*, rosehip*, aloe vera powder*; vitamin B5; lavender*, manuka* and geranium* pure essential oils.  [*certified organic]

Available in 80g compostable pouch

Note: For best results with acne, apply Manuka Spot Gel to spots after rinsing off mask and resist the temptation to squeeze which may promote scarring. Keep skin in good condition by using Almond Rose Cleansing Scrub daily, but massage gently over skin rather than scrubbing with force.



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Additional information

Weight 88 g
Dimensions 160 × 110 × 40 mm

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