Pandemic Pack


Staying home is hard so we’ve created a Pandemic Pack to help get you through lock down feeling revitalised and smelling great!

Our Pandemic Pack includes;

• A 50gm bag of ImmuniTea – 100% Organic Australian tea, containing nine immune-boosting herbs, including anti-viral elderberries, fragrant lemon myrtle and more. This warming and delicious tea can help soothe a sore throat and ease respiratory symptoms, body aches and pains.

• A 50gm tub of our lovely rich Lavender Hand Balm with certified organic shea and mango butter, coconut and calendula oils to repair and replenish dry hands ravaged by all the hand washing we’ve been doing. Imparts a gorgeous lavender aroma while leaving your skin baby-soft!

Breathe Chakra Oil – contains 100% pure essential oils renowned for their antimicrobial properties. An invigorating combination of cedarwood, cypress, rosemary, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, basil, lemon, peppermint & lemon myrtle pure essential oils use this delightfully fresh and cleansing scent in your oil burner or diffuser or as a surface spray.

Included in the pack is a spray atomiser bottle to make a surface spray you can apply to mobile phone screens, keyboards, light switches and door knobs, etc. Simply add 100mls of water to your atomiser bottle, 10-20 drops of Breathe and 1 capful of white vinegar (to disperse the oils). Shake the bottle well before spraying and enjoy!

Individual products are valued at over $66 but our Pandemic Pack is only $59.95 – save 10%!



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Additional information

Weight 315 g
Dimensions 220 × 160 × 77 mm