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Calm– Crown Chakra Oil Blend


Calm Crown Chakra pure essential oil blend may help to calm the nerves and ease insomnia, headaches, anxiety and nervous tension. Use 8 drops in an oil burner (extinguish the candle before going to sleep) or 1 drop applied directly to your hair at the temples.


  • Peace/bliss/truth/wisdom
  • To facilitate higher consciousness and connection with the astral plane
  • Excessive “busyness”/disconnection
  • Calms the nerves; eases insomnia, headaches, anxiety and nervous tension.

Ingredients: German chamomile*, French lavender*, neroli*, sweet marjoram, clary sage, Atlas cedarwood*, mandarin, ylang ylang 1st grade, jasmine absolute*. [*certified organic]

Available in 6ml – $18.00

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 20 × 55 mm