Organic Suncare

Our Suncare Range

Third Stone Botanicals' Sunfilter range are truly natural suncare lotions which are effective, economical, non-greasy and suitable for vegans, sensitive skin, infants and the whole family.

Formulated with at least 80% certified organic content, the remainder is superfine zinc oxide (particle size >2 microns), a UV reflector which is completely safe for marine and fresh water ecosystems, including our precious Great Barrier Reef. Zinc oxide blocks both UVA and UVB radiation, protecting your skin against the ageing and oxidative effects of the sun. We fortify this with vitamins C, E, and B3 which are known to help protect against skin cancers, particularly when applied topically as they counteract free radical damage from UV radiation. Mulla Mulla Australian Bush Flower Essence, added to relieve heat radiation from the sun, completes this unique formula.