Teas for Women's Health

Feminini Tea - Australian organic herbal teaThis range of organic herbal teas have been especially formulated to address common issues in women’s health with gentle and supportive herbal therapeutics.

The list below outlines which tea to choose for your own needs:

Feminini-Tea: Menopause transition (hot flashing, excessive sweating, mood swings, irregular periods, energy fluctuations)

Fertili-Tea: Aphrodisiac tea (balance hormones, ease stress and improve fertility) 

PM Tea: Premenstrual syndrome (including painful cramps, insomnia, oedema, mood swings, irregular periods and sweet cravings)

U-Tea-I: Cystitis or urinary tract infection (may be used safely in conjunction with antibiotics; not to be used during pregnancy)

Prenatal Tea-4-one: first trimester pregnancy (morning sickness and odour sensitivity)

Prenatal Tea-4-two: second and third trimester pregnancy (continued nausea, reflux, constipation, oedema, insomnia, back ache, prepares the uterine muscles for childbirth)

Postnatal Tea: lactation and recovery from labour (may assist infant colic and common symptoms of postnatal depression)

Please note: Due to import restrictions our tea and nutritional powder products are not available for international shipping.