Specific Items:

Lavender Hand & Foot Balm
“I chanced upon your Lavender Hand and Foot Balm at the flea market and I tried the tester. Oh! To me it was the best among all the balms I’ve bought, so this is it! I would like all my lavender balm-loving friends to experience your product which in my personal opinion is the best among them all.” – Grace, Singapore


Skin Soothing Balm
“I have used Third Stone Botanicals for some years and have been more than satisfied with the products. They are gentle, effective, economical and completely natural.” – Charlotte, Moore, Qld
Breathe Chest Rub
“LOVE the Breathe Chest Rub! Helped me through the first cold of the season. So much better than taking pills from the chemist- even “natural” pills can do weird things. Brilliant stuff!” – Kirsty, Stuttgart, Germany


Sunfilter Lotion
“Hi Tess! I am one of your newer Melbourne converts. I have just returned from a 3-week sojourn in the Kimberley and just wanted to thank you for the bottle of Sunfilter Lotion you sold me a few months ago – it was fantastic. I left it at camp one day and had to use a Cancer Council product and was reminded of how greasy and awful even the best products from other companies are. I’m very pale, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the outdoor life in relative comfort. Thanks again and please stay in the market!” – Kylie, Melbourne, VIC


“Just to let you know that the Palmarosa Cleansing Milk, Almond Rose Cleansing Scrub and Green Tea Cleansing Mask have been a great success, with no reactivity on my part. Given the extreme reactivity I have had to so many things, including herbs the naturopath has tried in treatment of my hypersensitivity, this is a great step forward. The products are lovely and it is a joy to be able to put something other than olive oil on my skin.” – Alice, Bardon, Qld
“Hello! I love your products! Please send me another Rosewood Moisture Lotion and some Rosehip Eye Balm please. Thank you so much!” – Karen, Sunshine Coast, Qld
“Thanks for sending those beautiful baby products off. You need to re-name your Baby Botty Balm: ‘Tess’s Miracle Cream’ – it’s great!” – Lisa, Sandgate, Qld


“I have been using your herbal deodorant and am wondering where I can obtain some more. It was a gift originally and it is the best no-nasties deodorant I’ve ever found. Congrats on a great product!” – Bronwyn, Fortitude Valley, Qld

“Dear Third Stone Botanicals, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy using your Geranium Herbal Deodorant. It’s beautiful!” – Melanie, Stanthorpe, Qld


“I purchased some of your delightful Vanilla Lip Balm at the last Boundary Street Fair, and alas! It has almost run out so I need some more!! Thank you for this great product!” – Athena, Highgate Hill, Qld


“Hi! I bought some of your products when I was visiting Brisvegas on holiday last month and now that I have returned to Sydney I was thinking I’s like to get some more. I really love your products – especially the Refining Mist – it’s beautiful.” – Christie, Sydney, NSW


“I have been using Third Stone Botanicals’ Lavender Herbal Shampoo for 10 years. This natural product makes my hair healthy and shiny – my hairdresser comments on my healthy hair each time I have my hair cut. I consider the shampoo to be so superior to any other hair shampoo on offer that I stock up whenever I am in Australia.” – Tricia, London, UK