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Holistic means to encompass the “whole”, to consider the big picture. This is the underlying philosophy of most complimentary systems of medicine: treat the whole person, not just an organ, physiological system or “disease”. If something is unbalanced in one part of the body it will affect the whole body.

At Third Stone Botanicals, we apply the philosophy of holism to our skin care as well as our clinical services. Imbalances in the body commonly show as unhealthy skin, hair and nails. Conversely, smooth skin, sparkling eyes and strong nails tell the story of an internally healthy person. We know that the skin is permeable and that substances applied to the skin will eventually be transferred to the blood where they travel around the body. Therefore, it makes sense to feed our bodies healthy nutrients through the skin – not toxic or poisonous substances which place a burden on our organs and in turn affect our skin, hair and nails!

Holistic skin care uses high quality, minimally processed nutrients in effective concentrations to improve your health internally and externally. TSB is dedicated to the holistic health of ourselves and our environment and as such, we source our ingredients organically and locally where possible and of course, sustainably, so we do not use any petroleum chemical, synthetic or genetically modified products in our handmade skin care. All of our packaging is minimal, reuseable or recyclable amber glass, PET, cardboard and compostable cellophane.

Why can't you ship tea and nutritional products internationally?

Organic Herbal Teas

Due to import restrictions some of our tea and nutritional powder products are not available for international shipping.

Under Australian customs law we can only send these items to residents of Australia.

Our Organic Nutritional Range