Skin Type Test

Here is a simple 5-minute test you can do to help determine your genetic skin type, regardless of your age:

Wash your face with a mild non-detergent cleanser or bar of handmade soap. Pat dry and take a few pieces of tissue paper, pressing them to different parts of your face – forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and jaw line.

  • If no pieces pick up oil, or there is only a little and your skin feels smooth, you have inherited NORMAL skin, the rarest of all skin types.
  • If the oily patches come from all over, you most likely have OILY type skin.
  • If some pieces stick or have some oil on them, take note of where the oil comes from, typically the forehead, nose and chin. This indicates COMBINATION skin, the most common skin type.
  • If none of the pieces pick up oil and your skin feels tight, your skin type is DRY.
  • If no pieces pick up oil, and your skin looks or feels irritated, itchy or flushed after cleansing, you have SENSITIVE type skin.

Click the link corresponding to your skin type from the list above to view which products are right for you.

woman washing face