Skin Type Guide


Is your skin normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive?

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Normal Skin

Normal Skin has a smooth texture with medium-sized pores, usually not visible unless viewed very closely. It has good circulation leading to efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen and removal of wastes. It provides a healthy protective barrier against external influences and produces enough oil to maintain this barrier without clogging pores. Lucky for some, but unusual.

Our products for normal skin:

Moisturiser (x2)

twice daily


Rose Geranium Moisture Balance


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Deep Cleanser (x2)

once a fortnight


Camelia Cleansing Mask


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Oily Skin & Acne

Oily Skin looks shiny and has visible pores. Due to the abundant production of sebum, these pores often become clogged, trapping dirt, pollution and products applied to the skin. It also tends to be more prone to extra sebum production in reaction to stress and hormonal changes, leading to acne and blackheads (for specific treatment of acne try our Manuka Spot Gel). Special care needs to be taken with mild, non-abrasive cleansing and some plant oil is necessary in skin products to avoid stimulating further sebum production in reaction to cleansing. On the positive side, oily skin is less prone to visible ageing and wrinkles provided you protect it from excessive sun exposure.

Our products for oily skin & acne:

Dry & Mature Skin

Dry Skin has fine, usually invisible pores, and can look dull or silvery due to dead surface cells. It will feel tight and dry after cleansing and is prone to wrinkles but not usually to blemishes. It is typically susceptible to dehydration, especially after sun exposure. Dehydration is lack of water in the skin layers, rather than lack of oil. Applying a protective layer which still allows the skin to breathe but guards against rapid moisture loss is essential for dry skin and cleansers which have some quality plant oils are preferable. Dry skin can become flaky and psoriatic with improper care.

Our products for dry skin:

Moisturiser (x3)

1-2x daily


Sandalwood Moisture Lotion

$35.95 – $59.95

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Deep Cleanser

once a fortnight

Combination Skin

Combination Skin experiences areas of both oily and dry type. Treated well, it can appear like normal skin, although it will tend to feel tighter and drier in some areas and pores may be visible in other areas, typically around the nose and chin. Blemishes may occur in the oily areas and dehydration can be a problem. Products which help to balance the overall production of sebum in the skin should be used.

Our products for combination skin:

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin is thin and reactive with fine pores. It may display symptoms of allergies rapidly, including rashes and flushing. If these occur frequently over a long period of time, broken capillaries can result. Sensitive skin can be itchy or sting after cleansing and even after applying moisturiser. Very simple products are beneficial as they require fewer stabilizers and preservatives. It is very important to avoid synthetic ingredients in your products, particularly preservatives and fragrances (not to be confused with pure essential oils, some of which can be very soothing to sensitive skin when diluted).

Care must also be taken with diet, and if sensitivity continues even after using quality natural products for several months, naturopathic advice is highly recommended to determine other possible causative factors.

Our products for sensitive skin: