Organic Hair Care Range

Hair Care Range

Our hair care range is a unique system of organic, detergent-free and nutrient-dense concentrates for nourishing your crowning glory. Our shampoos do not contain sulphates or synthetic detergents.

Pure certified organic olive and coconut castile gently cleanses without stripping precious oil or harming the environment. Organic pH-balancing conditioners leave your hair gorgeously soft and shiny. Our simple organic styling products give you the effect you’re after without the toxic residue.

If you have normal-to-dry hair we recommend the Lavender range or for normal-to-oily hair the Lemon is best.

If you have dry, oily or flaky scalp conditions, the Revitalising Scalp Oil can be massaged into the scalp and roots before or after drying hair. If you are after a slick “wet” look or maintaining tidy dreadlocks, the Hair Styling Wax is for you. Enjoy and be gorgeous!