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Third Stone Botanicals has been created by qualified naturopath, nutritionist and homeopath, Tess Dingle.

Tess supports the philosophy that we are holistic beings and our skin must be cared for with our whole body, mind and psyche in consideration. Therefore, Third Stone Botanicals products are formulated to support the healthy functioning of our skin, from within and without.

Only whole and unrefined skin foods are used including medicinal herbs, cold-pressed plant oils and Australian mineral clays. As these ingredients are used in their purest, naturally-occurring state, they provide essential nutrients like anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, all of which support and nourish the skin. With the addition of pure essential oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences, these nutrients are more effectively absorbed and utilized by our own holistic constitution.

Third Stone Botanicals contains no toxic, synthetic, petrochemical, genetically modified or animal ingredients and is not animal tested.

Over 90% of the product range contains at least 90% certified organic ingredients. All packaging is recyclable or reusable – good for us and good for the planet – and all ingredients including certified organic content are listed on each label for your informed choice.

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