Reviving Foot Soak Recipe


Your feet carry you around faithfully day after day and deserve some loving attention. Your revived summer feet will thank you!

This delightful foot soak is cheap and simple to make – most ingredients are available from the supermarket or you might even have them around the house.

Use fine sea salt or the salt crystals which are pretty but avoid rock salt which dissolves too slowly and can cut skin. You can substitute the essential oils with ones you have handy but do be aware that some citrus and eucalyptus oils can burn the skin, so please be careful!

This foot soak also makes a wonderful gift so consider purchasing some pretty glass jars and make a larger batch. Have fun!


Reviving Foot Soak Ingredients (makes 500g)

400g epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)
50g sea salt
50g sodium bicarbonate
1-2 peppermint tea bags
3ml lime essential oil
2ml lemon myrtle or rosemary essential oil

You'll also need a glass or ceramic bowl for mixing, gloves, a non-metal container with lid (500gm capacity).


First mix the epsom and sea salts together in a glass or ceramic bowl.
Add the essential oils and stir well to distribute. Hands are best for this but make sure you wear gloves.
Tear open the tea bags and add contents to the sodium bicarbonate, mixing well. Add this herbal mixture to the bath salts and mix well.
Spoon mixture into a 500g non-metal container (or 2 x 250g), close the lid and shake to infuse the essential oils.


How to Use
Whenever your feet are sore, hot and tired, fill a small basin or bucket with cool water to ankle height and add around 50g foot salts. Swish around to dissolve and then immerse your poor footsies. Relax while you soak for up to 15 minutes, then towel dry.


The longer you leave the mixture, the deeper the scent will be. Prevent it from caking by giving the jar a shake every few days or so.


This foot soak will help to relieve oedema (puffy swollen feet) and soften skin before a home pedicure.

If you want to continue the self-care you could try a gentle foot massage using our luscious shea butter-rich Lavender Hand & Foot Balm.