Aromatherapy Birthing Kit


Our complete Aromatherapy Birthing Kit for birthing and post natal care, is the perfect gift for a new mum. Containing birth-safe products of beautifully blended essential oil, massage oil, refresher mist spray, Calendula nipple oil, a face flannel and detailed instructions on their use.

Guaranteed to ease and enhance the birthing experience of all new mums!


  • Birthing & Post-Natal Massage Oil (50ml)
    – used any time during labour at the mother’s request with the assistance of the birthing partner. Also helps to relieve stress and minimise post-natal depression if used after labour. 100% certified organic
  • Birthing Refresher Mist (50ml)
    – use as a facial mist to freshen and revive the mother-to-be after contractions and whenever she desires. The Refresher Mist also contains Australian Bush Flower Essences® for relief of physical and mental exhaustion, acceptance and bonding with baby.
  • Birthing Essential Oil Blend (5ml)
    – use in an oil burner in the birthing room or onto the dampened face flannel to freshen and revive after contractions. This 100% certified organic essential oil blend helps calm and focus, and is renowned for raising the pain threshold, helping tone the reproductive organs and strengthen contractions.
  • Calendula Nipple Care Oil (30ml)
    – use for healing if nipples become cracked and sore. Gently wipe clean before feeding and reapply afterwards.
  • Cotton Face Flannel

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Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 125 × 185 mm